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Unisport Italia

The National University Sport System, is the Italian university network that aims to value academic sport’s potentialities as an effective and “transversal” tool for education, training, research, innovation, and for improving university experience and well-being in general.

—— Mission ——

Research and implementation

Promoting and strengthening sport role within scientific research, not only for the sport science, but also as a source for inspiration for application fields in all the academic disciplines and in interdisciplinary projects.


Promoting new education policies (both formal and informal) that use sport as a vehicle for developing life and soft skills.


Promoting sport as means of social inclusion, integration, to overcome ideological and cultural barriers linked to gender and nationality.


Making sport as an integral part of the university experience, driving it to be an element of sociability, aggregation, sense of belonging, sustainable and healthy life-style.

Unisport Italia

2 Nuovi Atenei entrano in UNISPORT ITALIA

Università degli studi di Parma e UniCamillus – ​Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences sono gli ultimi atenei in ordine cronologico ad avere confermato l’adesione alla Rete Unisport Italia. L’Università di Parma ha nominato il Prof. Nelson Marmiroli quale delegato mentre UniCamillus ha designato la Dott.ssa Laura Ligi.

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