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Working groups

In order to reach the institutional aims, the Unisport Network has set up five working groups that concern the themes and projects considered to be transversal and approved by the agreement.

Each group is coordinated by a member of the network and formed by several other representatives. The themes assigned will be updated frequently and there will be the possibility of interventions with external stimuli or proposals. All the groups are opened towards innovation and the research for innovative ways of approaching university sport.

Group 2 — Conciliation between study and competitive sporting activity


1. To formalize two new student figures, elite agonists and non-elite agonists.
2. To build for these students/athletes an ad hoc course of study that allows them to successfully attend their university studies, harmonizing them with their sporting path.
3. To recognize these athletes their sporting commitment with university training credits.
4. Definition of the "elite" student-athlete figure.

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Group 4 — Common data collection and analysis on sports practice for the university system


To define the structuring, construction and use of data-sets useful for each university and the university system governing university sport, managing institutional or commercial partnerships, and representing the value created by each university and the university system in favour of students, employees and communities as part of social reporting initiatives.

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