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Normative models and management of academic sport

GRUPPO DI LAVORO 1 — Coordinatore Prof. Paolo Bouquet

Universities participating to the group

University of Bologna, Polytechnic University of Milano, University of Bari, University of Bergamo, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, University of Pavia, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Sassari, University of Trento, University of Salento, University of Pisa.


Defining a new legal context in which Universities clearly hold a strategic role of control and focus on the theme of university sport not only within the sport practice dimension, but also in its integration with themes such as education, research, and the third mission.


  1. Intervening on the current legislative framework of university sport to redefine relationships with “university sport institutions legally recognised” (law 394/77) and with possible new legal subjects considered appropriate for the pursuit of promotion objectives of the university sport
  2. Establishing (new) management models of university sport centres and sport facilities, increasing flexibility and control by Italian universities
  3. Restructuring funding to university sport predicting a more flexible and diversified use of the available resources
  4. Defining the figure of student-elite athlete.

First steps

  1. Analysis of the different management models already present in our universities
  2. Analysis of the models present in other European countries and not (for example, through ENAS)
  3. Meetings and interviews to relevant stakeholders
  4. Involvement of University Legal Offices for support from a regulatory point of view

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